How to A/B Test in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

September 21, 2017

The idea of doing any A/B test in WordPress is pretty straightforward in itself. Mainly, it’s about putting two alternative versions of “something” against each other, and checking which one delivers better “results.”

Optin Forms in WordPress – How and Where to Display Them for Maximum Effect

June 7, 2017

Why optin forms in WordPress? Hold off on this one for a moment. Let’s start with the reason why you’d need an optin form on your site in the first place. That reason is email marketing. Email marketing has long been one of the most effective methods of marketing online. In other words, if you have an audience or a customer base, and you want to promote something towards them, you’re likely to get best results via email marketing.

How to Integrate WordPress With Instagram

November 10, 2016 No Comments

The growth of Instagram is nothing but staggering. When Facebook acquired the company back in 2012 for an equally staggering $1 billion, critics loudly voiced their concerns that an app like that probably wouldn’t stay on the top for long, and that the investment might turn into Facebook’s worst.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

October 25, 2016 No Comments

WordPress plugins for bloggers may seem like an obvious topic, but that’s not always the case. The thing is that bloggers, content creators and writers can truly benefit from a set of some unique features and functionalities.

How to Integrate Your WordPress Blog With Font Awesome

October 12, 2016

If you want to put some additional flare on your WordPress content through custom icons then you have a couple of options: (1) either buy good icons from somewhere (or acquire them in another way … freebies, icon packs, etc.), or (2) use Font Awesome.

How to Display Affiliate Links in WordPress

September 8, 2016 No Comments

Affiliate marketing is an important monetization element on many WordPress sites. The reasons for this are that it has a really low barrier to entry, and that you can usually find very interesting products to promote as an affiliate, regardless of your niche or market.

8 Things to Do After Launching a WordPress Site

August 16, 2016 1 Comment

Installing a new instance of WordPress, and thus basically making your website available to the world, takes usually less than 5 minutes … from start to finish. Those 5 minutes really aren’t a lot, no matter how you look at it.