How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

July 24, 2018 1 Comment

There are many ways to make money blogging, but generating revenue as a new blogger can be difficult despite this. You’ve heard of the thousands upon thousands of dollars other bloggers have generated from ebook and course sales, but you’re having trouble keeping up with a consistent publishing schedule let alone finding the time or resources to complete an ebook or course. That’s why affiliate marketing is such a popular option for new and growing blogs.

6 WordPress Plugins to take Your Blog to the Next Level

July 19, 2018

So you’ve set up your very own WordPress website with a beautiful theme and you’ve got a handful of blog posts published that your readers love; you’re blog is looking pretty good right now. But if you want to take your blog from a hobby and turn it into something you can actually make a … Read More

4 Types of Content Every Blog Needs for Maximum Traffic

July 17, 2018 No Comments

Traffic is the most essential component of a successful blog. You can have the most beautifully built website filled with subtle yet highly-effective incentives to get visitors to subscribe to your email list or buy your products, but none of it means a thing if you can’t get people on your website in the first place. When it comes to making money online, everything boils down to traffic, and one of the leading ways to increase traffic to your site is through the magic of content marketing.

How to Increase Repeat Visitors to Your Site

July 5, 2018 No Comments

It’s a great feeling when you start to receive a ton of traffic to your website. You’ve worked hard to drive all that traffic by optimizing your site for SEO, promoting yourself on social media and networking but is it really worth celebrating if all of those visitors check out your website but never return?

8 Ways to Make Money Blogging

July 2, 2018 No Comments

Learning how to make money blogging is something a lot of wannabe bloggers do before they’ve even learned how to start a blog. This isn’t all that surprising. They’re simply curious about a few things, one of which being whether or not blogging, something that takes time to do, is a profitable business model. Another thing new and wannabe bloggers are curious about is how they should go about making money with their blogs. That’s the focus of this post.

WordPress Multilingual – The Benefits of Using Weglot Translate

June 27, 2018 No Comments

If you want to expand your business to new countries, you may consider having a WordPress website available in different languages. It can significantly increase your reach, i.e. your number of potential customers. To do that in WordPress, you have two main approaches: having separated independent websites or having a multilingual website using a dedicated WordPress plugin.

How to Find Your Blog Niche

June 12, 2018 4 Comments

You may not realize it, but your blog niche plays a huge role in your blog’s success. It’ll help you determine who your audience is, which blog post ideas to focus on and which products you need to create. Most importantly, it’ll help you maintain focus as you plan out your editorial schedule and overall business and marketing strategies.

6 WordPress Maintenance Services for Busy Bloggers

June 5, 2018 No Comments

There are many types of WordPress users, but it mainly boils down to two—those who know WordPress inside and out (typically developers) and those who merely use the content management system to power their websites but know very little about it on a technical level (typically bloggers).

Video Hosting for WordPress: Platforms to Use, Video Player Plugins & More

May 30, 2018 No Comments

Video hosting for WordPress is a bit of a complex topic. There are a number of different paths you can take with it, multiple platforms you have to choose from and dozens of plugins you can use. It can be an intimidating step for your website, especially when you or your organization is ready to start adding video content to your content marketing strategy and you’re not sure how to get started on the technical side of things.