Recommended Image Sizes

Trade uses several image sizes throughout its various templates and layouts. When you upload an image, WordPress automatically generates all of the various image sizes needed. You just need to make sure that the image you upload is at least as wide and tall as the suggested sizes below.

Blog Post Featured Images

Square: 700 x 700px
Landscape: 800 x 600px
Portrait: 600 x 800px

Project Featured Images

Square: 700 x 700px
Wide: 1000 x 500px
Tall: 500 x 1000px
Wide & Tall: 1000 x 1000px

Woocommerce Featured Images

600 x 800px

Parallax Section Backgrounds

There is no set image size for parallax section background. The image will cover the area no matter what size. Our recommended size is 1600 x 1000px. Keep in mind, bigger images will look better on bigger displays, but will also take longer to load.