Our most popular theme just got a whole lot better! We’ve upgraded Filtered with some great new functionality, but most importantly, it is now responsive. This means it will adapt to look great across multiple devices and screen resolutions. To see what else has been added, check out the full feature list and view the live demo.


  • This is great news – many thanks. I hope you will get chance to update some of the other old themes in the same way in the future. Would certainly like to see Solo become responsive.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Fantastic. This theme deserved a responsive design. Planning on updating ’em all to be responsive?

  • Jesper

    Cool stuff!

    Is it a free update for existing customers?

    • Henry Jones

      Yes, when you purchase a theme, you get a free updates for that theme.

      • Andrea Greer

        When will the new theme update be available to download and when will the email be sent to customers? I purchased this theme and love it and very excited about the update and want to make sure I did not miss the email.

  • Filtered 2.0 and Responsive is really very very good feature. I will suggest my friends for this.


  • This is one of my all time favourite themes. It’s simplicity and professional feel always catch me off guard. Glad to see it become responsive.

    My only wish is that ThemeTrust would produce more themes. I love your work.

  • good job bro!

  • This is great news, when will the update email be sent out?

    • The update email has already been sent out. If you did not receive it, please send us an email with your order details.

  • REALLY REALLY wish I’d have added Filtered to my basket instead of Craft. (Head in hands)