How to get Support

We’re happy to help our customers with theme related support through our knowledgebase and forums. We don’t provide any support via twitter or email. We try to answer each question as quickly as possible, but response time can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

1. Browse the Knowledge base

Here you will find guides to getting started with each theme as well as demo data to install. There are also helpful tutorials for using your theme. The documentation provided here covers installation, usage, and often answers most questions. Please take a look at this section before posting to the forums.

Browse the Knowledge base

2. Submit a Question on the Appropriate Forum

Our forums are monitored Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm EST. Closed on US holidays. When making a request please keep these things in mind to get the best support possible:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of your theme.
  • Disable all plugins as many issues are solved by disabling conflicting plugins or widgets.
  • Chances are good someone has asked a similar question. Use the search feature to look for a topic about your issue.
  • Make no more than 1-2 requests per topic. This helps us make sure all your questions are answered. It also helps other customers search for answers on the forum.
  • Try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
  • If possible, include a link to page you are having trouble with or a screenshot that illustrates the problem.
  • Use Pastebin if you want to paste large amounts of code and just provide a link in the forum.

Visit the Forums

Limits to our support

We do not provide general WordPress support that isn’t related to our themes. You’ll need to ask for help with general WordPress questions here:

It’s exciting to see how our themes are modified to suit the needs of a variety of people! We’re happy to try help with these modifications, but there is a limit to what we can do. In general, if a customization requires 2-3 lines of new code, we’ll be glad to assist. However, if your question requires more than that amount of code, you’ll need to contact a developer to assist you.

We’re not able to support third party plugins or ensure that every one works properly with our themes.